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New to freelancing? So these 5 tips are for you.

by Nov 21, 2019Affiliate, Basic Freelancing, Graphics Design, SEO, Uncategorized, Web Design, Web Development, Writing0 comments

Freelancing means independent occupation, isn’t it?

Again, free means sadness, loss, time-wasting. Depending on its full meaning, where are you using the word free. What you call free. If professions like freelancing are called free occupations, it doesn’t make much sense.

Here are 5 tips for new freelancers that I hope will benefit a lot.

Choose a convenient niche

Niche means the freelancing category. There are many sectors of the freelancing profession. Ex:

  • Web Design and Development
  • SEO
  • Graphic design and video editing
  • Application Development
  • Article Writing and Translation
  • Administrative Support
  • Data Entry

If you are dealing with something, decide for yourself the benefit. Remember, there is no guarantee that your older brother or anyone else has succeeded in becoming one. Do not think about how much money is earned by doing a job, think for yourself, which one you feel comfortable with. Focus your attention on it so that you get a very good output.


Set a consistent price for your service

Select the price of the service you will provide to clients in the freelance marketplace. In the beginning, since you are brand new, it is best to keep a little value. Because of the high cost of professional, a client will not work with a new freelancer. If you are as rigid in pricing as others in the beginning, then it will be difficult for you to get a job. I started out as an Article Writer for $ 5.


Ready to rise and fall

To put it simply, it means that you are getting the order right now and submitting it with a deposit. And thinking that your journey to success has begun. Yes, maybe it has started. But success does not come so easily. And so one has to be prepared for the rise and fall. You need to be prepared for a time when proposals or orders may not come. And try to make sure that the client who has already done the job can sometimes knock, whether to order more? But in this case, it should be very polite to say no directly. Even I and a client would do it after 5 days or 1 week and I would say, how are you? Do you need more content for your blog? Tell me if you want to. Later on, I would have done more.

Creating your own work portfolio website


If you want to be professional in freelancing. Then you have to do this. Because I benefited by doing it myself. This portfolio will be very useful for you to get orders from long term condition clients. I saw my older brothers work by creating a portfolio website for their work. This is not your freelance marketplace. Order from your own website.

Think about the first job

As a newcomer, you may have a thirst for work. You will be looking for crazy things to do in the marketplaces. You can lose your happiness by giving you another beer. Can you do exactly what Buyer tells you to do? Do you understand his instructions? You should consider how easy the job is for you. Because one of my English sirs used to tell me often, “Well beginning is half done.” If your start is with a good client or job then you have completed half of the success. The reason may be that Buyer likes your job and kept you full-time, but maybe you did not understand the job well, because the order was completed, Buyer left you without a 5-star review. If the first job impression or rating is in your new profile here, will other buyers give you work? At times, a bunch of people may be spamming in the market. The temptation of the work may say that if you invest so many dollars you will get the job. So be careful. Because it’s online. Many spammers are sitting around trying to trick new people.

And yes, a bonus tip at the end –

When? Where is? How much time Create a routine that you can give. Because, if you work according to the rules, success will knock on your doorstep.






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